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 ET "Han Telerig - Yuzdzhan Usain"

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of an existing site for public catering in a guest house with 6 seats and "Tavern" in the plot plan of Telerig Village, Krushari

Yuzdzhan Usain owns a building – public catering establishment - cafe.

Investment: The existing catering establishment "Tavern" in the center of Telerig Village, Krushari is reconstructed including the following – an area for food consumption with 70 seats; - within a new extension there is a sector with beds for guests - contains one apartment for 4 people and one room with two beds; The building is planned to have another floor with rooms for accommodation, which will provide enough beds for tourists visiting the Dry river, caves and rock monasteries and Bakalovo Onogur. Besides tourism, the restaurant with a capacity of 70 seats is suitable for organizing receptions, celebrations and meetings.

Subsidy: 97 491 BGN

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